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PubCard Rewards Terms & Conditions

  • 1.1. “Card” means the card issued to you that incorporates the PUBCARD Rewards system and carries the PUBCARD logo.

    1.2. “Conditions” and “Terms & Conditions” mean the terms and conditions contained in this document.

    1.3. “Inactivity” means no transaction recorded on the PUBCARD member account for 12 months.

    1.4. “Member” refers to the person whose details and signature appears on the PUBCARD application form.

    1.5. “Participating PUBCARD Venue” refers to a Hotel or Booze Brothers bottle shop participating in the PUBCARD Rewards program.

    1.6. “Point” means a PUBCARD Rewards Point issued or redeemed by any PUBCARD participating venue in connection with the PUBCARD Rewards Program.

    1.7. “Program” means the PUBCARD Rewards program administered by Saturno’s Admin Pty Ltd ABN 15 008 218 460.

    1.8. “Promotional Activities” means activities by which a member may be entitlement to benefits and/or entry into a prize draw.

    1.9. “PUBCARD” is a registered business name of Saturno’s Admin Pty Ltd ABN 15 008 218 460.

    1.10. “PUBCARD Rewards System” means a smartcard and/or mag stripe based Rewards program operated by Saturno’s Admin Pty Ltd or its authorized representatives, and means those arrangements by which a member is rewarded by promotional activities from participating PUBCARD venues using their Card and is able to redeem PUBCARD Points or offered additional rewards in accordance with these terms and conditions.

    1.11. “Redeem” means to claim a prize or offer.

    1.12. “Reward” means the benefits, goods, services and facilities (including tickets and vouchers) provided from time to time under the PUBCARD program that can be obtained by a Member.

    1.13. “You” means the member who completed the PUBCARD membership application form and any person who uses the PUBCARD.

    1.14. “We, Us, Our and Ours” means PUBCARD.