PubCard Rewards Terms and Conditions

  • 1.1. “Card” means the card issued to you that incorporates the PUBCARD Rewards system and carries the PUBCARD logo.

    1.2. “Conditions” and “Terms & Conditions” mean the terms and conditions contained in this document.

    1.3. “Inactivity” means no transaction recorded on the PUBCARD member account for 12 months.

    1.4. “Member” refers to the person whose details and signature appears on the PUBCARD application form.

    1.5. “Participating PUBCARD Venue” refers to a Hotel or Booze Brothers bottle shop participating in the PUBCARD Rewards program.

    1.6. “Point” means a PUBCARD Rewards Point issued or redeemed by any PUBCARD participating venue in connection with the PUBCARD Rewards Program.

    1.7. “Program” means the PUBCARD Rewards program administered by Saturno’s Admin Pty Ltd ABN 15 008 218 460.

    1.8. “Promotional Activities” means activities by which a member may be entitlement to benefits and/or entry into a prize draw.

    1.9. “PUBCARD” is a registered business name of Saturno’s Admin Pty Ltd ABN 15 008 218 460.

    1.10. “PUBCARD Rewards System” means a smartcard and/or mag stripe based Rewards program operated by Saturno’s Admin Pty Ltd or its authorized representatives, and means those arrangements by which a member is rewarded by promotional activities from participating PUBCARD venues using their Card and is able to redeem PUBCARD Points or offered additional rewards in accordance with these terms and conditions.

    1.11. “Redeem” means to claim a prize or offer.

    1.12. “Reward” means the benefits, goods, services and facilities (including tickets and vouchers) provided from time to time under the PUBCARD program that can be obtained by a Member.

    1.13. “You” means the member who completed the PUBCARD membership application form and any person who uses the PUBCARD.

    1.14. “We, Us, Our and Ours” means PUBCARD.

  • 2.1. These terms and conditions may be changed or varied at any time by PUBCARD without notice and / or without assigning any reason. PUBCARD may also change at any time without notice any other matter connected to the Program, including but not limited to changes of rewards offered in connection with the Program.
    2.1.1. eligibility criteria for a particular category (tier) of membership
    2.1.2. eligibility ages
    2.1.3. participants

    2.2. The card may be used only by the member and in accordance with PUBCARD Terms & Conditions of use.

    2.3. Any changes will be published on the PUBCARD website. Terms & conditions will be available at any participating PUBCARD Venue.

    2.4. PUBCARD reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time. Upon such termination, Members will have one month (or such longer period as PUBCARD may specify) from the date of notice of termination within which to redeem Points. At the end of the relevant period, all Points not redeemed will expire.

    2.5. First use of a Card by a Member and/or his/her signing of a Card means that the Member has read and understood these terms and conditions and accepts them as well as any rules, policies and procedures that may be adopted by PUBCARD and confirms his / her eligibility for membership, as amended from time to time. The Member further agrees to immediately advise PUBCARD of any change of address and other personal details provided by the Member on the application for membership to the Program.

    2.6. PUBCARD is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential loss) or for personal injury which is suffered or sustained by a Member as a result of their membership to this Program, except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law.

    2.7. PUBCARD’s decision on all matters pertaining to the Program, including but not limited to the distribution of rewards, is final and binding with no correspondence being entered into.

    2.8. Members will receive communication from PUBCARD electronically, via SMS or email. Communications will be delivered to the electronic contact details provided by the Member. PUBCARD will not be responsible for any loss suffered by a Member due to non-receipt of a communication.

  • 3.1. Membership to the Program provides Members with the opportunity to participate in promotions from the purchase or use of Eligible Goods and Services.

    3.2. Membership to PUBCARD is free.

    3.3. A person may not hold more than one PUBCARD membership.

    3.4. Membership is not available to employees and their immediate families of PUBCARD affiliated companies or agencies including employees at venues associated with this Program.

    3.5. Any person over the age of 18 years may apply to become a member at any participating PUBCARD venue, or online at

    3.6. On completion of a membership application, you will be issued with a Card. PUBCARD will determine the manner of delivery for a Card to a Member at its absolute discretion. PUBCARD will not be responsible for any loss suffered by a Member due to non-delivery of a Card, provided that PUBCARD correctly addressed the delivery to the address provided by the Member to PUBCARD.

    3.7. You may not redeem prizes, promotions or offers until you have completed compulsory member details online

    3.8. PUBCARD may establish, change or remove at any time different categories of membership (tiers) to which different rules apply including but not limited to rewards offered.

    3.9. Membership of a category (tier) may expire at the end of six months (or such longer period as PUBCARD may elect) and be reassessed according to the criteria applying at that date.

    3.10. PUBCARD may downgrade a Member’s category at any time if the member has been absent for an extended period of time.

    3.11. PUBCARD may invite Members to join a new category (tier) of membership. First use of the member’s card after receiving this invitation will indicate the member’s acceptance of this invitation.

    3.12. After receiving an invitation, the Member may decline the invitation to be reclassified by emailing PUBCARD at

    3.13. PUBCARD reserves the right to refuse any application for membership or terminate membership at any time for any reason, at its sole discretion, including without limitation if a member has breached or has been barred under the Liquor Licensing Act or Gaming Machines Act, or as may be amended from time to time. In the event that membership is terminated, all accumulated Points or benefits above the minimum value will be available for redemption for a period of 7 days.

    3.14. The Card remains the property of PUBCARD and must be returned upon request.

    3.15. A person may not hold more than one Card.

    3.16. Members must notify PUBCARD immediately if the Card is lost or stolen.

    3.17. PUBCARD accepts no responsibility for fraudulent use of lost or stolen Cards.

    3.18. After 12 months inactivity on a Member’s account, membership will be inactivated and members will lose any accumulated points or benefits.

    3.19. Death or bankruptcy of a member will result in cancellation of membership and forfeiture of all accumulated points, benefits and reward offers.

    3.20. Any fraud or misuse of the Card or improper conduct (as determined by PUBCARD in its absolute discretion) or breach of these terms and conditions will result in PUBCARD taking appropriate action (as determined by PUBCARD in its absolute discretion) which may include the cancellation of membership and the forfeiture of the Card and any Points, benefits and reward offers.

  • 4.1. PUBCARD may schedule events at selected PUBCARD participating venues. Members will be advised of scheduled events via any of the following mediums – point of sale, SMS and/or electronic mail.

    4.2. Special Offers at scheduled events are available exclusively to PUBCARD members and may include discounted food and beverage pricing within specified times, free finger food and/or entry into promotional activities by playing of gaming machines.

    4.3. Food and beverage discount and/or other offers may apply, dependent on membership tier. These offers may change at any time without notice. Members will be advised of current offers via Point of Sale at participating PUBCARD venues and/ or electronic mail.

    4.4. Rewards may only be redeemed by the Member upon presentation of their card

    4.5. Rewards are not transferable

    4.6. PUBCARD is not responsible for lost or stolen Reward vouchers or tickets after they have been issued or sent to the Member.

    4.7. PUBCARD reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or substitute Rewards at its discretion and is not responsible and will accept no responsibility for any loss arising from a cancellation, withdrawal or substitution of Rewards.

    4.8. PUBCARD makes no warranties or representations either express or implied with respect to the quality, standard, fitness or suitability for any purpose of any goods or services (including Rewards) offered as part of the program and, to the extent permitted by law, disclaims any and all liability for any loss, damage or claim that arises in connection with any of those goods and services.

    4.9. In the event that liability cannot be excluded by law, liability for a breach of a condition or warranty in relation to goods or services provided in the course of the Program is limited to:
    4.9.1. In the case of goods, to either one or more of the following The replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods The repair of the goods The payment of the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods; or The payment of the cost of having the goods repaired
    4.9.2. And in the case of services, to The supplying of the services again; or The payment of the cost of having the services supplied again

    4.10. PUBCARD will not be liable for the non-receipt of a reward / offer

    4.11. Should a reward / offer arrive damaged or faulty, you must notify PUBCARD within three days of receipt giving full details including the name of the carrier. It is advisable to sign for an unopened package as “unexamined”.

    4.12. Any tax, liability or duty arising from your participation in the PUBCARD Rewards System is your responsibility.

    4.13. Exclusive PUBCARD reward offers may change at any time without notice. Customers will be advised of current offers by electronic communication (email and/or SMS – refer to Item 2.8).

  • 1.1. PUBCARD members will no longer be able to earn points on purchase from Monday 29th June 2020.

    1.2. Points are not transferable. Points may only be redeemed by the Member who has earned them and proof of identification may be required.

    1.3. All Points are redeemed on a first earned / first redeemed basis

    1.4. In addition to deductions for redemptions, PUBCARD will deduct from the points balance, any points credited in error and any points relating to a transaction which is cancelled or reversed or where a refund is given.

    1.5. In the event there being insufficient points on your account, you may be required to pay for those points issued at the time of the transaction for which the refund is being sought.

    1.6. You may check the number of PUBCARD points on your PUBCARD account at any participating PUBCARD venue or online at

    1.7. PUBCARD points are available for redemption for a period of 12 months from the last transaction date recorded on the member account.

    1.8. After a period of 12 months inactivity, all points that have accumulated on a Member’s account will expire.

  • 6.1. Points earned by a member before 29 June 2020 will be available for redemption for a period of up to 12 months, subject to 6.5 below.

    6.2. Points are not transferable. Points may only be redeemed by the Member who has earned them and proof of identification may be required.

    6.3. Members must present their Card to redeem points from their account.

    6.4. If you have accumulated sufficient PUBCARD points on your PUBCARD account, you may request to redeem those points. Personal identification may be requested to confirm the identity of the Card Holder.

    6.5. The minimum cash redemption value is $5.00 and for all other redemptions, it is $1.00.

    6.6. Redemption of PUBCARD points can occur at any participating PUBCARD venue, regardless of where they were issued or earned.

    6.7. Upon acceptance of any reward / offer, the number of Points attributed to that offer will be deducted from the Member’s balance

    6.8. PUBCARD may set a minimum redeemable value and this may vary for different goods or services. Points may be redeemed for goods purchased or as part payment for goods or services if you so request on production of your Card.

    6.9. The number of points redeemed at your request will be deducted from the point balance on your Card.

    6.10. PUBCARD may, at any time without notice to participants, alter the number of Points required to obtain a particular reward / offer

  • 7.1. PUBCARD respects your privacy and complies with the National Privacy Principles and Privacy Act 1988. Unless you give us explicit consent to act otherwise, the following policy will govern how PUBCARD handles your personal information and safeguards your privacy.

    7.2. Our Commitment
    PUBCARD is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information developed by the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner.

    7.3. What Information Do We Collect and How Will We Use It?
    Certain personal information is collected when you contact us, including but not limited to your name, gender, date of birth, email address, mobile phone number, address and your interest (responses and feedback).

    We use your personal information to –
    • Administer and manage the PUBCARD Rewards system
    • Respond to any query raised by you or any participant in the PUBCARD Rewards system
    • Facilitate our internal business operations, including fulfilment of any legal requirements and confidential systems maintenance and testing.

    If you have opted to receive promotional materials from us, then you will receive emails, posted mail or mobile SMS messages from us to inform you of up and coming events and special offers of interest to you.

    Your information will be held in the strictest confidence. PUBCARD will not disclose, share or sell any personal information about you to any third party. However, in some circumstances, we may disclose your information to our contractors and service providers, but only to the extent necessary to operate our business or provide you with the products and/or services you have requested. We require these organisations to agree to our Privacy Policy and to strict conditions governing how your personal information may be used.

    7.4. Security of Personal Information
    We will make all reasonable endeavours to protect your personal information securely against unauthorized use and access. Your personal information will be recorded, amended and used only by authorized persons who are required to keep your information confidential.

    7.5. Checking and Updating your information
    You are welcome to request details of the personal information that we hold about you. To do so, please contact our Privacy Officer (see below for contact details). We may require personal identification before providing you with details. If you wish to update or change the personal information we hold about you, please contact our Privacy Officer. We may require up to 30 days to update our records.

    7.6. Unsubscribe
    You can opt out of receiving contact from us at any stage simply by writing to us at 353 Cross Road, Clarence Gardens SA 5039, or emailing us at

    7.7. Privacy Officer
    If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact our Privacy Officer by calling (08) 8292 2800, or writing to: “The Privacy Officer” PUBCARD, 353 Cross Road Clarence Gardens SA 5039 or email

    7.8. Changes to the Privacy Statement
    PUBCARD is committed to comply with any laws introduced to strengthen the protection for your privacy. Our Privacy Statement will be reviewed and may be revised from time to time. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of the Privacy Policy on our website. Any changes to our Privacy Policy shall be deemed to take place on the date the changes are posted on our website We encourage you to regularly review these policies.

    7.9. Further Information on Privacy
    For further information about privacy issues and the protection of privacy, visit the Office of Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website.